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Stool Routine Examination

stool routine examination

A large number of normal intestinal flora is greatly influenced by diet. The microorganisms which form part of this normal …

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Motility Test -Methods, Procedures and Importance

motility test

Motility test is useful for identification of bacteria which possess similar biochemical reactions. Following methods are used for doing the …

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Oxidase Test -Principle, Procedure and Interpretations

oxidase test

Principle This test depends on the presence of cytochrome oxidase in bacteria that will catalyze the transport of electrons between …

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Identification of Bacteria


Four basic tests are used for identifying bacteria in the lab, these include: 1. Determination of Morphology Gram stain (or …

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Ziehl Neelsen Staining -Principle, Procedure and Interpretations

ziel neelson staining

Principle This procedure is used to stain mycobacterium tuberculosis and mycobacterium leprae. These bacteria are also called acid fast bacilli. …

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Gram Staining -Principle and Procedure

Gram +ve cocci

Principle Most bacteria can be differentiated by the gram reactions due to difference in their cell wall structure. Gram positive …

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Study of a Compound Microscope

compound microscope

Principle The working principle of microscope is to show large image of those objects which cannot be seen with the …

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