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Atracurium, Cisatracurium, Gallamine and Steroid Derivatives -Non Depolarizing Neuromuscular Blockers


Actions are similar to those of d-tubocurarine. It is safer and more potent than d-tubocurarine because

  1. It is eliminated through Hoffmann elimination
  2. It is safer to be used in patients with renal and hepatic diseases
  3. No histamine is released and no ganglion blockage and tachycardia is observed (can cause hypotension due to systemic histamine release)

Atracurium is broken down into ludanosine and quaternary acid.

Duration of action is 30-35 minutes.


Cisatracurium is an analogue of atracurium (stereoisomer). It is more potent and safer than d-tubocurarine. Actions are similar to atracurium.


Gallamine is a synthetic drug. It is less potent as compared to d-tubocurarine. It can cause ganglion blockage, histamine release and sometimes tachycardia.

Steroid derivatives

Steroid derivative are synthetic drugs. They are 5 times more potent than d-tubocurarine.

No histamine is released, no ganglion blockage occurs. Tachycardia is sometimes present.

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