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Methoxyflurane, Ethyl chloride, Trichloroethylene and Chloroform


It is highly nephrotoxic

a.       Part is metabolized by beta-lyase

b.      More than 30% is metabolized by liver producing large amounts of inorganic fluoride – Fl

No longer used

Ethyl chloride

Explosive / under pressure

It is explosive in nature and has a very low boiling point, so kept under pressure in cylinders.

Use – local anesthetic – cooling

It has cooling property when applied locally.

It is used in cryosurgery for local application.



More analgesic property than anesthetic.

Soda lime

Use is very limited as interacts with soda lime in machine, producing toxic metabolite.


It has been very popular in past, now safer and efficacious agents are available. It is still used in animals.


a. Breath holding

b. Hepatotoxic

c. CVS depressant

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