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Interesting facts about the human body Part-2

  1. More calories are burnt while sleeping than when one is watching the television.
  2. 10% of taste buds are on the palette and cheeks.
  3. Yawning brings more oxygen into the lungs.
  4. A newly born baby has nearly 300 bones but eventually reduce to 206 on reaching adulthood.
  5. The head of a new born is nearly one quarter of its entire weight.
  6. The fastest muscle in the body is the one which causes the eyes to blink.
  7. The movements of the eye are controlled by about one quarter of the brain.
  8. The nail of the middle finger grows the fastest, as it depends on the length of the fingers.
  9. A person walks a distance equivalent to about five times around the equator in life time.
  10. Blood has a certain odour and somewhat salty taste producing 3,000,000 to 10,000000 new red blood cells each second.
  11. The strongest muscle in the body is none other than the tongue.
  12. Nearly 35 million digestive glands are present in the stomach.
  13. The lenses of the eyes become thick with increasing age.
  14. Blushing causes the lining of the stomach to turn red.
  15. Tongue gives the indication of certain diseases in different parts of the body.
  16. Stomach requires nearly an hour to break cow milk.
  17. Colour blind men are actually 1 in every 12.
  18. Men loose nearly 40 hair in a day as compared to 70 lost by women.
  19. The size of the eye never changes from birth.
  20. White blood cells make nearly 1% of the blood but might become double in a day in response to infections.
  21. Muscles make up nearly one half of the body weight.
  22. The length from the wrist to the elbow is nearly the same as your foot.
  23. Liver is the largest of the internal organs while skin is the largest organ.
  24. Right handed people chew food on the right side, the left handed do so on the left.
  25. Each human hair is strong enough to support approximately three kilograms.

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