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Brachial Artery

Brachial artery, a continuation of axillary artery, begins at the lower border of teres major.

Image from Grey”s Anatomy 20th edition

Its relations are:


It is overlapped superficially by coracobrachialis and biceps on the lateral side. The medial cutaneous nerve of forearm lies infront of its upper part. The median nerve crosses its middle, and bicipital aponeurosis lies over its lower part.


The brachial artery lies on triceps, insertion of coracobrachialis and brachialis.


Ulnar nerve and basilic vein lie against its upper part while median nerve lies against the lower part of its course.


Median nerve and coracobrachialis are situated above, while the tendon of biceps is situated laterally in the lower part of course.


1. Muscular arteries

2. Nutrient artery to humerus

3. Profunda

Lies in the spiral groove and supplies the triceps muscle. It ends by forming anastomosis at the elbow joint.

4. Superior and Inferior Ulnar Collaterals

Form anastomosis around the elbow joint.

Terminal Branches:

Brachial artery gives two terminal arteries:

1. Ulnar artery

2. Radial artery

Image from Grey’s Anatomy 20th edition

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