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Epididymis, Vas Deferens, Prostate and Seminal Vesicle


Points of Identification:

1. Pseudostratified columnar epithelium is present.

2. Cilia and microvilli present.

3. Connective tissue and smooth muscles present.

Vas Deferens:

Points of Identification:

1. Pseudostratified epithelium with stereocilia present.

2. Three layers of smooth muscles (longitudinal, circular and longitudinal)


Points of Identification:

1. Tubuloalveolar glands having  pseudostratified columnar epithelium are present.

2. Columnar cells contain secretory granules while basal cells are involved in the regeneration process.

3. The gland is embedded in a fibromuscular stroma, which consists of smooth muscle separated by strands of connective tissue.

4. The secretory alveoli are irregular in shape.

5. Rounded eosinophilic bodies, corpora amylacea, are present in secretory alveoli.

Seminal Vesicle:

Points of Identification:

1. Epithelium is variable appearing columnar or pseudostratified columnar.

2. Lamina propria is thin and loose.

3. Muscularis consists of inner circular and outer longitudinal layers of smooth muscle.

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