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Community Medicine

Concept of Health

Determinants of health

Many definitions of health exist. These include: The condition of being sound in body, mind or spirit, especially freedom from …

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Disease Transmission and Control

Spread of communicable disease

Disease control involves: Surveillance Eradication Control Quarantine Segregation Isolation Disinfection Sterilization Surveillance: Surveillance of disease is the continuous scrutiny of …

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An Introduction to Infections

Nosocomial infections

Infections may be: Nosocomial Cross Infections Infestation Epizootic Enzootic Zoonosis Exotic Opportunistic Nosocomial infection: An infection occurring in a patient …

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Phases in Infection and Spread of Disease

period of pre pathogenesis

Phases in infections The different phases in infections include: Infective period Communicability period Incubation period External Incubation period Prodromal Period …

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Infectious Disease Epidemiology -An Introduction

Spread of communicable disease

Infection The entry and development or multiplication of an infection agent in body of man or animal is called infection. …

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Prevention of Dengue and Malaria


Dengue Prevention Strategy 1. Reduce mortality by 50%  by 2020 – by early detection and prompt treatment of cases through …

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Epidemiology -An Introduction

Study natural history

Epidemiology is the study of the distribution and determinants of diseases or states in population groups and the application of …

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Causal Concepts

epidemiologic triad

According to Rothman: Any event, act, or condition preceding disease or illness without which disease would not have occurred or …

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Investigation of Epidemic

Investigation of an Epidemic

Epidemic is the unusual occurrence in a community or region of disease, specific health-related behavior (e.g. smoking) or other health …

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Bias in Research Studies

confounding example

What is Bias? An error in sampling or testing that systematically under- or over-represents one outcome (answer) over the other. …

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