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Choosing Research Topics

Research types

Title is the most important part of your paper that alerts the reader to topic of your paper. It should …

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Developing a Questionaaire in Research

Steps in designing and conducting research

Questionnaire is useful for surveying groups of any size. It is typically designed to determine opinions, attitudes or present practices. …

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Introduction to Research Methodology

Research 2

The word “research” has originated from the French word “recherche” which means to travel through or survey. Research may be …

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Case of Snake Bite

Case Scenario: In the flood affected area of Badin, a bare footed young man of 10 years while walking in …

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Case of Immunization

Scenario: A newborn delivered at term through Cesarean section in a local hospital was administered BCG vaccine at birth. Three …

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Case of Incidence and Prevalence

Scenario No. 1 Out of the 75 persons who attended the picnic, 46 subsequently developed gastroenteritis. Tasks: Calculate the attack …

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