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Case of Snake Bite

Case Scenario:

In the flood affected area of Badin, a bare footed young man of 10 years while walking in the dark at night felt that some unknown creature has bitten on his left foot. He was taken to the medical camp where her complained of pain and dizziness. On examination two sharp fang marks were noted. It is a suspected case of snake bite warranting immediate treatment.

Learning Objectives:

Students should be able to learn:

  1. Types of snakes  and their identification
  2. Mode of action of different snake venoms
  3. Anti-snake venom
  4. Management of snake bite case
  5. Public Health measures to prevent snake bites.

Following will the tasks completed by the students:

  1. To identify the poisonous and Non poisonous snakes.
  2. How to treat a case of snake bite in the fields.

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