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Choosing Research Topics

Title is the most important part of your paper that alerts the reader to topic of your paper. It should be as informative as you can make it. Long titles have no advantage. A title:

  • Must not be like a book or “novel” title (If tommorrow comes!)
  • Must be true reflective of the objective
  • As close to Ten words as is possible.
  • Avoid Abbreviations
  • Must not start with “To” or end at a question mark (?)

To be able to select a good title, we must be aware of the research objective.

Research Objectives

A Good Objective should be SMART……


  • To draw comparison between young and old women on their experiences with diagnosis and treatment issues which presented special challenges for them (measurable)
  • To explore issues identified by women with breast cancer (specific)
  • To determine if the experience of women over 60 years of age is different from younger women (specific and measurable)

Importance of Research Objectives

An objective brings focus to the study. It helps to avoid collection of unnecessary data and helps determine an appropriate study design. It also helps to determine the analysis plan.

Examples of Research Topics

  • Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Health Care Ethics amongst medical students and house officers.
  • Determinants of smoking behaviour among medical students.
  • Leisure time activities of medical students.
  • Hazards of Excess Cell Phone usage in adolescents.
  • Awareness about oral health and Prevalence of Dental Caries.
  • Awareness about risk factors of Hypertension.
  • Misconceptions about Family Planning.
  • Stress in medical students.
  • Women’s perception of iron-deficiency anemia.
  • Personality type and individual performance.

Starting a research is not really that difficult, beginning is the hardest part. One must keep focused and impose his will on the subject. Persevere to achieve results and get reinforcement from time to time.
Also stay in touch with your supervisor. And finally

Read more about research methodology…

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