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Prevention of Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Sexually transmitted diseases are a group of communicable diseases that are transmitted predominantly by sexual contact. They are caused by a wide range of bacterial, viral, protozoal and fungal agents and ectoparasites.

Control of Sexually Transmitted Diseases

•    Initial Planning
•    Intervention Strategies
•    Support Component
•    Monitoring and evaluation

1. Initial Planning

•    Problem definition
Prevalence, health effects, geographical distribution etc.

•    Establishing priorities
Priority groups maybe categorized on basis of age, sex, place, occupation etc.

•    Setting Objectives
Achievable & measurable.

•    Considering strategies
Most appropriate for the setting.

2. Interventional Strategies

•    Case Detection
Screening, Contact Tracing, Cluster Testing.

•    Case Holding & Treatment
Complete & adequate  Treatment

•    Epidemiological Treatment
Contact Treatment

•    Personal Prophylaxis
Contraceptives, Proper hygiene of exposed parts, HBV vaccine.

•    Health Education

3. Support Components

•    STD Clinic
•    Laboratory Services
•    Primary Health Care
•    Information System
•    Legislation
•    Social Welfare Measures/Social Therapy

4. Monitoring & Evaluation

Monitoring & Evaluation of disease trends will provide a more direct measure of program effectiveness.

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