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Lightning Injuries

Lightning is electrical discharge of a highly charged thunder cloud to the ground via a huge arc. If anything comes in its path, it will be damaged.

Voltage is in millions of volts (DC).

Injuries/Effects of Lightning

Physical damage in fatal cases may vary from virtually none to gross burning, fractures and tissue destruction.

1.       Burns

First degree burns (i.e. redness) may follow skin creases along the path.

2.       Fern like or Arborescent marks

Fern like or arborescent marks are seen occasionally.

3.       Head Injury

Due to lightning strike or fall on the ground.

4.       Damage to clothing or shoes
5.       Fusion and Magnetization

Fusion and magnetization of metallic articles like wrist watches, spectacles, etc. may occur

6.       Molten Nylon Articles

Forensic Significance
  1. Virtually a natural disaster
  2. Cases may be confused with homicide
  • There is evidence of thunder storm
  • Death of any other organism in the vicinity
  • Characteristic features as discussed

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