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Mechanism of Drug Action -Miscellaneous Mechanisms

Certain drugs do not act through any of the mechanisms already mentioned, they are categorized as miscellaneous. These include:

  1. Colchicines, vinca alkaloids
  2. Ionizing radiation
  3. Levamisole
  4. Immunosuppressive:-  Cyclosporine
  5. Therapeutic antibodies
1. Colchicines

Colchicines are used in the treatment of acute gout. The symptoms of gout are aggravated by the migration of leukocytes causing phagocytosis of uric acid crystals producing lactic acidosis leading to more inflammation and the cycle continues.  Colchicines binds tubulin of microtubules and prevents the migration of leukocytes.

Vinca alkaloids

Vinca alkaloids are used in cancer chemotherapy. They too bind tubulin of microtubules of cancer cells, thus blocking mitosis.

2. Ionizing radiations

Ionizing radiations are used in cancer chemotherapy.

3. Levamisole

Levamisole is anthelmintic used to expel worms and parasites to treat worm infestation. They also cause stimulation of the immune system. When using immunosuppressive drugs, these are taken as immunostimulant drugs.

4. Immunosuppressive drugs

Immunnosuppressive drugs act by binding cytosolic protein aminophilin and are used in transplantation.

5. Therapeutic antibodies

Therapeutic antibodies are used for isolation of cytokines which are responsible for inflammation.

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