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Prodrugs contain parent drug compounds in inactive form. Active specie is required to be carried to the site of action. Prodrugs carry maximum amount of specie to site of action. These prodrugs have minimum biological activity, longer half life and low toxic activity. They undergo biotransformation to bring about desired results.

Advantages of Prodrugs:

  1. More stable
  2. Better bioavailability
  3. Low side effects
  4. Less toxic
  5. Desirable pharmacokinetic profile.
  6. Increase concentration of drug at site of action.
  7. Increase duration of action of drug


  1. Chloral hydrate converted into trichloroethanol
  2. Phenacetin converted into paracetamol
  3. 6-metacaptoprine
  4. Cortisone converted into hydrocortisone
  5. Prednisone converted into prednisolone
  6. Clorazepate
  7. Dipivefrin
  8. Enalapril converted into enalaprilat

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