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Terms Used in Connection with Fertility

US Birth Rates -child bloom years in red

Fertility refers to the number of live births women have.  Terms used in connection with fertility include the following: Fecundity: …

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Age and Sex Composition -the Population Pyramid

Population Pyramid of Angola 2005

Age and sex composition may be described in terms of: 1. Median Age The median age is the age at …

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Demography -Introduction and Tools

Time to increment world population

The word demography has originated from two Greek words ‘Demos’ and ‘Graphos’. Demography is the scientific study of human populations, …

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Pneumoconiosis -Types, Silicosis, Asbestosis and Preventive Measures

size of dust

Pneumoconiosis is a group of lung diseases which result from inhalation of dust in certain occupations. To better understand let’s …

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Occupational Health Hazards -Introduction and Types

size of dust

Occupational hazard may be defined as a source or situation with a potential for harm in terms of injury or …

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Family Planning

oral contraceptive pills

Family planning is a way of thinking & living that is adopted voluntarily, upon the basis of knowledge, attitudes & …

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Mites -Characteristics, Life Cycle and Control Measures


Classification of Mites Phylum                                        :       Arthropoda Class                                              :       Arachnida Order                                            :       Astigmata Family                                           :       Sarcopidae Specie                                           :       Saecopets scabiei Medical …

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Ticks -Characteristics, Life Cycle and Control Measures


Classification of Tick Phylum: –                                             Arthropoda Class: –                                                  Arachnida Order: –                                                Metastigmata Family: –                                               (Hard tick) Ixodidae                                                                 (Soft tick) …

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Bed Bugs -Characteristics, Life Cycle and Control Measures

bed bug

Classification of Bed Bugs Phylum                 Arthropoda C lass                     Insecta Order                    Hemiptera Family                   Cimicidae Species                 a) Cimex Lectularus (Urban specie) …

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Louse -Characteristics, Life Cycle and Control Measures


Classification of louse Phylum         : Arthropoda Class              : Insecta Order             : Anoplura Family           : Pediculidae Species:       1. Body louse …

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