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Protocol of Examination of Indirect Ophthalmoscopy

indirect ophthalmoscope

Pre-requisite for indirect ophthalmoscopy is that one should posses indirect ophthalmoscope kit with indenter of lens, color pencils, fundus chart …

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Protocol of Examination of Posterior Segment of Eye

slit lamp

The steps involved in examination of posterior segment of eye may be summarized as: Introduction Visual acuity checked grossly Check …

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Protocol of Examination of Anterior Segment of of Eye

Examination of anterior segment of the eye involves examination by: Diffuse illumination Direct focal illumination Specular reflection Transillumination or Retro-illumination …

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Use of Corticosteroids in the Eye

Corticosteroids are used in several diseases of the eyes, the important ones are given below, followed by the contraindications of …

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