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Comparison of Injuries and Wounds and their Classification


The word injury denotes any harm whatever caused illegally to any person in body, mind, reputation or property. (S. 44 PPC)


Wound is a disruption of the normal tissue structure due to application of force. Wound is purely a general term having no legal definition.


‘Hurt’ is a legal term, which encompasses all the wounds or bodily injuries to a living person.

“Whoever causes pain, harm, disease, infirmity or injury to any person, or impairs or dismembers any organ of the body or part thereof, of any person, without causing his death, is said to cause hurt. (S. 332 (1) PPC)

General Classification of Wounds

1.       Mechanical Injuries

a.       Blunt Force Injuries

b.      Sharp Force Injuries

c.       Firearm Injuries

2.       Thermal Injuries
3.       Chemical Injuries
  • External (acid burns, etc.)
  • Internal (poisoning)
4.       Barotrauma

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