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Visual Fields by Confrontation Method

Visual fields may be assessed following the steps given below:

  1. Introduction and permission
  2. Sit at the level of the patient
  3. Check gross visual acuity (counting fingers monocularly)
  4. Explain every step of the method to the patient before doing every new step.
  5. Ask the patient to cover the right eye with his/her palm and fixate with the left eye in your right eye and then not to move it (vice versa for the other eye and ensure that the patient does not move his/her eye)
  6. Check periphery by moving your fingers bringing from put to in diagonally
  7. Check blind spot by moving red bead horizontally till the patient stops seeing it. Then see how big the blind spot is. Compare with your own.
  8. Now the doctor can open both eyes.
  9. Check the central field by presenting different number of fingers in two hands not keeping them wide apart first in upper two quadrants and then in lower tow quadrants.
  10. Check color saturation in hemi fields by presenting bottle caps of same red color in hemi-fields and to differentiate saturation (asses initial neurological disorder)
  11. Don’t forget to repeat all above steps in the other eye.
  12. Thank the patient


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