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Classification of Malignant Epithelial Lung Tumors

1. Small cell carcinoma /Oat cell carcinoma

Small cell carcinoma2. Non small cell carcinoma

a. Squamous cell carcinoma

b. Adenocarcinoma

  • Acinar
  • Solid
  • Mixed
  • Papillary
  • Bronchoalveolar

c. Large cell carcinoma

d. Adenosquamous carcinoma

3. Carcinoid Tumor



4. Carcinomas of Salivary Gland type

5.Carcinomas with pleomorphic, sarcomatoid or sarcomatous elements

6. Pulmonary blastomas

7. Unclassified carcinoma

8. Metastatic tumors

Image: small cell carcinoma, courtesy of Nephron

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