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Leiomyoma is a benign tumor of smooth muscles. It is mostly present in uterus. It can also be seen in erector pili, skin tissue and GIT. It is less frequently seen in deep, soft tissues of the body. It is an autosomal dominant trait.

It can occur in adolescence, but is mostly seen in late reproductive life (30-40 years).



These are sharply circumscribed, discrete, firm, grey white tumors bearing in size from barely visible nodules to massive tumors that fill the pelvis.

They can occur within myometrium (intra-mural), beneath endometrium (submucosal) or beneath serosa (sub-serosal).


Leiomyoma is composed of whorled bundles of smooth muscle cells having cigar shaped nuclei. Degenerative changes including hyaline change, coagulative necrosis and hydropic degeneration are often present.

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