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Interesting facts about the human body Part-4

  1. An average adult laughs only 15 to 100 times while a six years old does so about 300 times per day.
  2. Finger nails and hair keep on growing even after death.
  3. One can loose 1/3 of the blood but loosing ½ is fatal.More earwax is secreted when a person is afraid.
  4. We taste the food when it is dissolved by the saliva and nearly 10,000 gallons of saliva are produced by a person in lifetime.
  5. Red blood cell circulates through the body in about 20 seconds.
  6. A proper diet is essential for the growth of the brain in babies.
  7. A person normally speaks almost 5000 words in a day, about 80% of which is self talk.
  8. At the base of the spine is located the most sensitive cluster of nerve cells.
  9. Hands and feet have nearly half of the entire body bones.
  10. The skin accounts for nearly 12% of body weight.
  11. Brain of man completely develops when one is 20 years of age while that of female develops somewhat earlier.
  12. Blondes have more hair than the blackheads.
  13. An average person who quits smoking requires one hour less sleep at night.
  14. Cartilage is a tissue which keeps on growing throughout life. The nose might increase by half an inch and the ears by quarter
  15. of an inch by the time a person reaches 70.
  16. Sneezing causes the death of some brain cells.
  17. Cornea of the eye takes in oxygen directly from the air so has no blood supply.
  18. Taste buds live for only ten days.
  19. A person can live without food for nearly a month but only a week without water.
  20. The tongue print of every person is unique.
  21. Skeleton forms about 25% of the body weight.
  22. The actual colour of the blood is yellow. It appears red because of haemoglobin.
  23. About 75% of human faeces is composed of water.
  24. It takes double time in losing muscles than it takes in developing them.
  25. The human heart creates so much pressure that it can squirt blood 30 feet.
  26. An average person eats food weighing approximately equal to six elephants.

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