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Interesting facts about the human body Part-3

  1. The length of the nose is same as that of the thumb.
  2. Human female’s heart beats faster than male’s.
  3. In about 24 hours food travels about 30 feet in the body.
  4. While peeling onions chewing gum is an easy way to keep away from crying.
  5. After bone marrow, hair is the fastest growing tissue in the body.
  6. Eyelashes fall after about 150 days.
  7. An average human sheds about 30 meters of eyelashes in the life.
  8. About 180 million newly formed cells enter the blood stream every hour.
  9. The number of bacteria on each of human feet ranges to about one trillion.
  10. Dimples are only caused by the attachment of the skin with muscles.
  11. About 40 pounds of skin is shed by a human in the lifetime.
  12. Honey is easy to digest because it has already been digested by the bee.
  13. The time in which a man blinks once, a woman blinks twice.
  14. Pink colour of the tongue indicates the absence of gems, if it is white a thin layer of bacteria is present.
  15. Water makes more than 80% of the human body.
  16. The length of all the human DNA is about 6000 times the distance from earth to moon.
  17. Hiccups happen when the diaphragm begins to contract uncontrollably, pulling the air into the lungs.
  18. One can never sneeze with open eyes.
  19. The length of the small intestine is nearly four times larger in tall people.
  20. The sound produced by cracking the knuckles is actually caused by the nitrogen gas bubbles bursting.
  21. The weight of the brain is half of the weight of the skin.
  22. 300 muscles of the body are used for balancing when standing still.
  23. Blue colour causes the brain to secrete calming hormones.
  24. Whether you look at the person you love or hate, your eyes dilate in the same way.
  25. More presence of zinc and copper has been found in the hair of intelligent people.

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