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Interesting facts about the human body

  1. 98% of the atoms in our body are replaced every year.
  2. Nearly three hundred million cells die in the body every minute but are actually only 0.0001% of the cells replaced every day.
  3. Losing an eye causes a loss of only one-fifth of the vision but all of the sense of depth.
  4. When a person sneezes, all the body functions stop including the heart.
  5. The food reaches the stomach from the mouth in about seven seconds.
  6. A human may survive after the removal of the stomach, spleen, one lung, one kidney, 80% of the intestine, 75% of the liver and almost every organ from the groin and pelvic region.
  7. The average height of the people in the developed countries has increased by about 10cm in the last 150 years.
  8. One feels thirsty even when the water contents in the body are reduced by only 1%.
  9. The thickness of human hair decreases with increasing age.
  10. One can survive longer without food than one can without sleep.
  11. The left lung is smaller than the right because of the presence of the heart.
  12. Soya beans, eggs and liver are good for memory.
  13. Left handed people are nearly 13%.
  14. 72 different muscles contribute when a person speaks.
  15. A new layer of the mucous is produced by the stomach every two weeks otherwise it might digest itself.
  16. 14 muscles are used to smile but about 43 to frown.
  17. Hair and fingernails are composed of the same substance.
  18. Babies grow faster during the spring time.
  19. Red blood cells can be stored frozen up to ten years for use.
  20. Heart attacks are more likely to occur on Mondays says a 10 year study in Scotland.
  21. The fingernails grow much faster than the toenails.
  22. Hair grow faster in hot weather.
  23. The human eye focuses on nearly 50 things per second.
  24. Different regions of the brain receive scent signals from nostrils in order to determine the direction the odor is coming from.
  25. And nearly five million olfactory receptors are present to distinguish different odors.
  26. Each human being spends about half an hour as a single cell.

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