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Easy ways to Loose weight!!

Burning more calories than you eat is all that is required to loose weight. Loosing weigh is easy if one makes small changes in ones routine instead of opting for drastic steps. Weigh management is actually about long time success. Here are a few tips:

The best way is to calculate the basal metabolic rate which is the no of calories required by the body to keep normal processes like breathing and digestion. Secondly calculate your activity level. Calculate how much calories you burn while doing all activites during the whole day.Add the above two findings

Now calculate the total no of calories you eat in food each day.

More calories intake simply indicate an increase in weight. If utilization is greater you will no doubtly loose weight.

calories intake – ( basal metabolic rate + activity level ) = + sign indicates increase in weight is likely

– sign indicates decrease in weight is likely

Loosing weight is not that difficult if you give all you mind to it.There is no technique, its actually the will power like preffering a glass of water instead of a bottle of a coke or going out for a brisk walk.

Here are simple steps:

1)Burn more calories

Burn more calories than you consume by exercise, walking or any other way you can think of.

2) Eating habits

Try to eat slowly in order to eat less. Also using smaller kitchenware sometimes is really helpful.

3) Whole grain foods

Try utilizing whole grain foods instead of refined grained foods.

4) Limit yourself

Cut down on the foods you adore the most.

5) Cut down your spending

Limit your spending. In this way you will purchase only that is essential and not the junk foods or other fattening stuff.

6) Regular routine

Set fix time for the meals everyday and avoid eating whenever you get a chance or feel like it. Regular routine also increases the efficiency of the stomach.

7) Fun physical activity

Go for some physical activity that you enjoy and is unique like swimming lessons, fencing, or martial arts.

And finally don’t try to overburden yourself. Go slowly and steadily. Just use your will power…

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