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Insulin is a hormone secreted by the beta cells of pancreas, and is important in the regulation of carbohydrate and …

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Endocrine System- An Introduction


Endocrine System uses chemical signals for cell to cell communication. It coordinates the function of cells.The response to an endocrine …

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Cushing Syndrome

A 24 years old (1) female (2) presented in OPD with a 7 months history of puffiness of the face …

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Case Of Presbyopia

Mr. Noman, a 55 year old [1] aged driver[2], consulted an ophthalmologist with complaints of disturbed vision[3] for the last …

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One of the mankind’s oldest and most dreaded fears. Photo by A. Strakey Definition:  Neuroscientist: Pain is a sensory …

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Case based learning: Brown Sequard Syndrome

A 22 year old[1]  man[2]  was speeding on a motorbike when he had a collision with a lorry[3]. He was …

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Case Of Cerebellar Lesion

A 66 Year old man finds that he has more difficulty in moving about for the past one year. he …

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Organization of Nervous System

Nervous System Two control systems of the body: 1. Nervous system: “System of wires” Coordinates rapid & precise responses 2. …

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Synaptic Transmitters- Neurotransmitters & Neuropeptides

Neurotransmitters Definition “Neurotransmitter is a chemical substance that acts as the mediator for the transmission of impulse from one neuron …

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Definition: Communication or Junction between two neurons i.e. ‘Interneuronal junction’ Through release of chemical transmitters more than 50 compounds have …

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