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Maternal and Child Health Care

Maternal and child health care is a strategy to unite interventions for women and children in order to increase and improve their health status. Early evidence suggests that implementing maternal and child health interventions simultaneously is cost-effective and convenient, and some estimate that this model could prevent up to two-thirds of maternal & child deaths.

Objectives of MCHC

1.    Reduction of Morbidity & Mortality rates for mother & children
2.    Promotion of Reproductive Health
3.    Promotion of the Physical & Psychological development of the children within family

MCHC center encompasses:
•    Pre conceptional guidance
•    Ante-natal, Intra-natal, Post-natal  services
•    Family planning services.
•    Marriage counseling.
•    Growth Monitoring
•    Special services for the children with special needs.
•    Home sanitation.
•    Nutritional guidance.
•    Immunization services.
•    TBA training.

Preventive Interventions at MCHC

•    Folic acid, Vitamin A
•    Tetanus toxoid (neonatal)
•    Pre-eclampsia and eclampsia prevention (calcium supplementation)
•    Detection and management of breech
•    Clean delivery practices
•    Breastfeeding advice
•    Prevention and management of Hypothermia
•    Insecticide-treated materials

Treatment interventions at MCHC

•    Detection and treatment of asymptomatic bacteriuria.
•    Corticosteroids for preterm labor
•    Newborn resuscitation
•    Oral rehydration therapy
•    Anti-malarials
•    Antibiotics for dysentery, Neonatal sepsis, pneumonia.
•    Vitamin A

Requirements / Concerns for MCHC

1.    Site
2.    Building
3.    Staff
4.    Budget
5.    Work load
6.    MCH Organization

For an ideal MCH centre, it should be located centrally in the areas where population can easily drain into.


The building should be such that it includes:
•    A reception or a waiting-room.
•    OPD Rooms for medical officers.
•    A waiting room
•    An immunization room.
•    Store room
•    Conference room.
•    Dispensary
•    Family planning room for advice to mothers
•    Antenatal care room
•    Delivery room
•    Under – 5 clinic


The following staff is required for optimal functioning:
•    Doctor, preferably female
•    Health education
•    Antenatal, intranatal, postnatal care
•    Growth monitoring
•    Immunization services
•    Pharmacist
•    LHV
•    Dai
•    Peon
•    Sweeper
•    Guard
•    Etc.


Pays for all staff, electricity bills, transports expenses, phone bills and others

Work load

Work load basis of such a unit would be as follow:

Yearly new births approx. ———–200
Pregnant women under care———–225 approx
Infants under care———–200
Preschoolers——————- (15% of the total population= .15 x 5000 =750)

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