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Protocol of Examination of Direct Ophthalmoscopy

Examination by means of direct ophthalmoscope involves the following simple steps:

  1. Visual acuity. Tell him to fixate on 6/60 line.
  2. Dim the light
  3. Distant direct ophthalmoscopy is performed with ‘0’ DS lens
  4. Anterior segment examination is done with +10 DS lens
  5. Fundoscopy is performed by adjusting turret according to refractive error of both the examiner and patient.
  6. Look at:
    • Disc
    • Macula
    • Periphery -by asking him to look in superior temporal, inferior temporal, superior nasal and inferior nasal quadrants.
    • Fovea by asking him to fixate light.
  7. Red free filter for vitrous opacities and NFL defect.
  8. Thank the patient.

Direct Ophthalmoscope

Image courtesy of CDC/Amanda Mills


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