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Comparison of Humoral and Cell Mediated Immunity

Humoral Immunity
Cell mediated Immunity
Main cells B lymphocytes T lymphocytes
Maturation Generated and matured in bone marrow Originate in bone marrow and complete development in thymus
Protect against Extracellular microbes and their toxins

  1. toxin induced diseases
  2. infections (virulence related to polysaccharide capsule)
Intracellular microbes

  1. viruses
  2. parasites (leishmania)
  3. bacteria (mycobacteria, listeria)
  4. kill tumor cells
%age of lymphocytes 10-20% circulating peripheral lymphocyte population 60-70%
Location in lymph nodes Superficial cortex Paracortical areas
Location in spleen White pulp Periarteriolar sheaths
Receptors B-cell antigen receptor complex consisting of mainly IgM and IgD immunoglobulins In 95% T cells à alpha/beta TCR

In minority à gamma,   T cells

Accessory surface molecules Igα, Igβ, Fc receptors, CD40, CD21 CD3 molecular complex

Dimer of ∑ chain

CD4, CD8, CD2, CD28


End result of activation Differentiation of B cells into antibody secreting cells called plasma cells Secrete locally acting proteins called cytokines
Hypersensitivity reactions I, II, III are antibody mediated IV is cell mediated
Role of MHC molecules Antigen receptor recognizes whole unprocessed proteins and has no requirement for presentation by MHC protein Antigen receptor recognizes only processed peptides in association with MHC protein
Regulator of antibody synthesis No Yes
Onset Rapid Delayed type hypersensitivity
Antibodies Formed Not formed
Evaluation From plasma level of antibodies Skin test for development of delayed type of hypersensitivity
Cells involved Ab synthesis requires 3 cells:

  1. t lymphocytes
  2. b lymphocytes
  3. macrophage
  1. macrophage
  2. helper T cells
  3. natural killer T cells
  4. cytotoxic T cells

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