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Easy and interesting ways to look young

Cheerfulness and contentment are great beautifiers and are famous preservers of youthful looks.” — Charles Dickens

Instead of going for facial treatments or any other medication, here are a few tips which will not only keep you healthy but also make you look and above all feel younger.

1) Water utilization

Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Water removes toxins from the body, keeps it hydrated as well as makes the skin to shine and glow.

2) Sleep tight

A sound sleep of at least 7-8 hours is essential as it makes you feel refreshed and relaxed.

3) Will power

Maintain a proper and confident posture which no only makes you look younger, but also help you appear slimmer than you actually are.

4) Smile

Keep a brilliant smile. For that always keep your teeth clean, healthy and white. Everyone loves a nice smile.

5)Natural foods

Avoid processed foods as natural things are the best for the body as well as those food items that have too much sugar in them.

6) Moisturize the skin

Dry skin looks dull so moisturize it as much as you can

7) Healthy food

Try to eat as much fruits and vegetables as you can. Increase utilizing the foods that are rich in proteins.

8) Normal weight

If overweight, try to loose some as quickly as you can without deteriorating your health, mind you!!

9) Outlook

Keep the nose and ear hair in check.

10) Dress up

Wear good colour clothes instead of going for the dull ones.

11) No dark circles

Loose the dark circles under the eyes if you have developed them either by good sleep or meal or medicine.

12)Physical activity

Visit a gym or go out for a walk everyday. It alleviates stress and improves blood flow apart from keeping the body fit.

13) Fragrance

A young fragrance always makes you seem much younger than you really say the findings of a survey.

14) Happiness

Try to keep yourself cheerful and satisfied and try to feel young which is the most important thing instead of complaining about the ailments of old age.

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